While attending Roberto Venn I had the pleasure of working beside William Eaton, a teacher at the school who built a 36 string harp guitar. This and other instruments he had built opened my eyes to the possibility of building instruments outside the box.

The exposure helped me when I was approached to build some hybrid Malian instruments for some musicians from Africa that were touring Canada. One of these instruments, the N’Goni is actually the forerunner to the banjo.

Again my curiosity and broad taste have prevented me from specializing in just one specific instrument and allowed me the freedom to build a variety of instruments and take on the challenges they present.

Banjo Mechanics

Banjo Mechanics is an instrumental acoustic roots band comprised of Ian Pattison and Lewis Melville. Their albums are available online and by mail.

Pattison Fine Woodworking

Take a look at the unique furniture, cabinetry, interiors, and other fine woodworking projects I've been producing for over 30 years.