About My Work

Ian Pattison in his shop.

My love for music – the playing, writing, learning, listening and most importantly the sculpting of new instruments – is essential for the journey I have travelled. My taste in music encompasses a broad spectrum and is reflected in the diversity of instruments I enjoy building.

Seeing and hearing an instrument that I have crafted find its voice through its new owner is for me a feeling beyond description.

My studio of stringed instruments has 30 plus years of history in the creating and building…not only the status quo….but, pieces that are unique and one of a kind. It is my attention to the fine details that complete the artistic craftsmanship and upon completion allow these pieces to be timeless and in some cases, have become family heirlooms.

All of my instruments are individually hand crafted by me from designing, selecting all the materials, hand shaping the parts, inlaying and applying the finishes.

I have included special woods on a number of instruments which have personal ties to their owners. For example, wood from a client’s backyard apple tree that was destroyed by a storm was able to be used for the head stock laminate and rosette on their guitar. Another example is the curly maple body on the fretless bass guitar, it was from a tree killed by a tornado on another client’s property. We found the split trunk and were able to salvage some of the wood with a chain saw. These features are personal touch points for my clients and add special ties for them.

Please explore the presentment of instruments and enjoy the music featured here preformed on some of the instruments I have built.

I look forward to working with you.

Banjo Mechanics

Banjo Mechanics is an instrumental acoustic roots band comprised of Ian Pattison and Lewis Melville. Their albums are available online and by mail.

Pattison Fine Woodworking

Take a look at the unique furniture, cabinetry, interiors, and other fine woodworking projects I've been producing for over 30 years.